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"Through books and documentaries, I'm on a media mission to inspire women to not only take a trip to Italy, but to take a chance on themselves."

Giovanna G. Bonomo
Founder, Lost & Found in Italy


Giovanna G. Bonomo is a Canadian Author, Documentarian, and Founder of Lost and Found in Italy—a multi-book and documentary series.

After resigning from her communications job, and arriving to Italy in March 2020, two days before the pandemic struck, Giovanna realized that women need encouragement, now more than ever before, to make their dream of Italy come true.


Now, Giovanna's on a mission is to inspire women to pursue their dreams of starting a new chapter in Italy (or anywhere their heart sings) through the Lost and Found in Italy book series and documentaries.​

She is the wife of Italian singer-songwriter and producer Tony Blescia. Together, with their two children and Pomeranian puppy, they call Italy and Canada home.

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