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Bellini Nautica: Beauty Begets Beauty

It is often said that there is no room for art in science, that there is no room for precise, rigid thinking in creativity, and that there is no room for emotion in engineering. Yet, Bellini Nautica has proven throughout the decades that rather than exist separately, the principles of innovation, creativity, engineering, science, and artistic pursuits are best when combined to create beauty and stand the test of time.


July, 2023

Since its birth in 1960 by founder Battista Bellini, Bellini Nautica has specialized in restoring Riva speedboats and has been one of the largest distributors of Cranchi yachts. The story began when Battista Bellini purchased a small harbor for boat storage purposes on the Clusane, a small harbor in Lake Iseo. It was there that Bellini started producing the first ever Bellini-branded speed boats. Word quickly spread across the harbor, and the success of the Bellini-brand boats caught the attention of Cantieri Riva, and the worldwide exportation of Riva speed boats began.

The 1970s marked the beginning of the company’s worldwide expansion. The business was booming, and in 1980, at just 17 years old, Romano Bellini, who had a new vision, would take over the company.

Driven by passion, Bellini boldly and courageously decided to stop the production of Bellini boats entirely and begin buying and restoring Riva boats in wood. The early 1990s-2010s would mark the beginning of the period of restoration, storage, and service of Riva speedboats. This action would take the company to new heights, recognition, and partnerships. 2011 Bellini Nautica was recognized internationally as a Riva Vintage restoration and sales leader. The pinnacle of their success came in 2022 when Bellini Nautica was listed in Euronext Milan for its exponential growth. Battista Bellini’s dream was finally realized, and a new Riva speedboat and Cranchi yacht supplier was born in Italy.


Bellini Nautica is located in Clusane d’Iseo (BS) on the shores of Lake Iseo. The privileged position, just a few steps from the main tourist attractions of the lake, makes Bellini Nautica a point of reference for those who love unique experiences on the water, which is why Bellini Nautica also specializes in what is now known as “The Riva Experience,” giving customers a taste of the Riva lifestyle.

Riva experience is an evocative and unique experience in the name of the dolce vita period. We want to let people feel the charm of these inimitable mahogany boats.

– Battista Bellini, CEO of Bellini Nautica

The experience includes the rental of a Riva Aquarama, equipped with a driver and a guided tour of the collection of vintage Riva and the restoration area. Today, the Bellini Vintage Riva Collection has become the world’s most complete collection, preserving and conveying the excellence of Italian boats worldwide.


Bellini Nautica is known for its aesthetic research and strong connection to and celebration of art, as evidenced by notable collaborations with international artists who have worked with the company to personalize Riva Aquarama boats, making them unique pieces worldwide.

This artistic collaboration has successfully advanced the Bellini name and put Italian speed boats on the map worldwide. The three most prominent and featured artists leading the movement are Mr. Brainwash, Mr. Savethewall, and Romeo Britto, who have collaborated with the brand to produce unique pieces and limited- edition artworks exclusively for Bellini.


The artist known as Mr. Brainwash believes in the beauty of nature and strives to create art that reflects life or the beauty of the surrounding waters of Lake Iseo. His motto, “Life is Beautiful,” inspired the art behind his designer boat “Lake is Beautiful,” which is “praise to Lake Iseo and its beauties that lend themselves once again to art,” according to Mr. Brainwash. The concept behind Mr. Brainwash’s designs is explained literally as brainwashing: The aim is to overturn traditional logic by creating unexpected reactions in the brain — a philosophy designed and crafted onto the upholstery of the Aquarama Super, capturing the rare beauty and uniqueness of Mr. Brainwash’s designs.

luxury Boat on a beautiful Lake
Romero Britto’s contemporary style and pop culture meet the timeless charm of Riva Aquarama, the excellence of Italian elegance and iconic design.


Celebrated artist, Romero Britto, is the Brazil- born creator of the Happy Art Movement who’s on a mission to merge the ideas of painting and design, passion and tradition, and to collaborate with life’s simplicities. Britto’s pop art style creates a visual language of love, hope, and happiness that has inspired millions. He has translated these ideas into a new collection of works into a limited edition of 50 pieces at the Deodato Art Gallery in Rome. His work “Iseo Lake” was created in 2022 and created — in his style of bold colors, shapes, and patterns — a Riva Aquarama. In “Iseo Lake,” the Riva Aquarama is depicted sailing along the glistening waters of Lake Iseo. It is a joyous depiction of Made in Italy design, happily marrying the elements of luxury, passion, and engineering and perfectly capturing the spirit of Bellini Nautica itself.





Interior of a Riva Lamborghini
The maritime world is a living legend richer with the launch of the Riva Aquarama Lamborghini, which has been fully restored to its original condition.

The collaboration between artistry and engineering comes to us again in the Riva Lamborghini. During their production from 1962-1966, 769 Aquarama Lamborghini boats were built and distributed amongst royalty and celebrities around the globe.

The Aquarama was the most famous of Carlo Riva’s luxury designs, taking the crown as the Ferrari (or, in this case, Lamborghini) of the boating world. The marriage of the two iconic Italian brands, Riva and Lamborghini, has given us the fastest Aquarama the world has seen since 1968, fully restored to its original glory. The restoration of the original Riva Lamborghini hull number 278, owned by Ferruccio Lamborghini himself, is a historic piece of maritime and automobile history that has been put back on the water.

Credits:Photos courtesy of Aaron Brimhall


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