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Casa Collina: From Silicon Valley to Itria Valley

Escape to Casa Collina and experience a world where beauty, luxury, and tranquillity intertwine to create an unforgettable haven in the heart of the Itria Valley.


October, 2023

The southern region of Apulia (Puglia) has emerged as a hotbed of international recognition, enticing a fascinating blend of cosmopolitan visionaries in pursuit of vibrant market opportunities and a more tranquil, unhurried, and uncomplicated lifestyle. Among these ambitious expatriates is Tamara Hill, an esteemed Silicon Valley Executive.

Having made her mark in the dynamic internet industry of Silicon Valley and Los Angeles, Hill subsequently ventured into entrepreneurship, forging partnerships with European clientele that necessitated frequent travels to Italy. As a California native, she seamlessly navigated the realms of burgeoning online enterprises, propelling her towards cross- continental collaborations.

I identify more as European than American, and I adore the freedom of movement and seamless accessibility within the European Union.

Raised by her grandparents of Sicilian origin, Hill always felt an ancestral pull to Italy and all things Italian. Eventually, this pull grew stronger when, in 2018, she heard about the region of Apulia while working with a photographer on a shoot. The photographer insisted she must visit; in his opinion, the sea and the sun-drenched region “matched her spirit.”

On a hunch it could be a good match, Hill booked a flight to Bari and travelled between boutique hotels and rustic Masserias, absorbing the visual aesthetics of the region and getting inspired. She quickly found many visual commonalities with Palm Springs, where she owns an interior-designed property: the terrain, flora and fauna (such as the Fichi d’India—typical prickly pears), restaurant aesthetics, and vast open spaces. Additionally, she was surprised and overwhelmed by the warm welcome of the locals who embraced her and her search for a home away from home.


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Her search intensified as Hill’s two children reached adulthood and went off to college, and that is when she felt she could fulfil her long-term dream of living half of her time in Europe.

“I identify more as European than American, and I adore the freedom of movement and seamless accessibility within the European Union,” she says. As a self-proclaimed nomad, Hill recognizes that traveling is not just a luxury but a vital source of fuel for her creative mind. Her work effortlessly transcends geographical boundaries, enabling her to flourish in any corner of the globe, making a dual-continent lifestyle optimal.

Casa Collina (also called Hill House is the epitome of serenity and luxury in the picturesque Itria Valley. Perched atop a hill with commanding views of the surrounding olive and fruit groves, this enchanting retreat is a haven of peace amidst nature’s embrace. Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of this idyllic spot, where sunshine and fresh air abound.

Exquisite pleasures abound, including a magnificent pool, meticulously manicured gardens, and a sprawling yoga deck for ultimate relaxation. Unwind in the Swedish-style wooden sauna, melting away stress and rejuvenating your senses. Discover hidden corners of bliss as private seating areas adorned with antique low-seated tables, chairs, and hammocks invite you to lose yourself in an afternoon of leisure or witness the awe-inspiring, kaleidoscopic sunsets.

Inspired by her newfound surroundings, a vision took shape, a sanctuary of the soul where art and spirituality intertwine. With a discerning eye for detail, Hill meticulously curated a collection of art pieces, each carefully chosen to reflect a personal narrative, a testament to a life well-lived. For Hill, interior design is not merely a superficial display of curated objects but a profound expression, a diary of experiences and emotions. Every property she designs becomes a transformative journey, a deep exploration of the self and the world. With each stroke of inspiration, Hill weaves together a tapestry of meaning, transforming spaces into sacred havens that resonate with the depths of the human spirit.

In the lush expanse of the gardens, we find a harmonious blend of nature and contemporary art installations, elevating the aesthetic allure to new heights. Renowned for her discerning taste, Hill collaborates closely with local artists to craft bespoke artworks that seamlessly integrate with their surroundings.

The result is a captivating symphony where art and environment coalesce, imparting an innate sense of belonging. Each art piece exudes an inherent affinity with the house, as though it were conceived alongside it rather than merely added as an afterthought. Such is the seamless fusion of art and architecture that transcends boundaries, turning these gardens into a living, breathing work of art.

Hill’s design aesthetic is bold yet understated, blending seamlessly with the essence of each space she creates. Inside, a harmonious fusion of mid-century modern furniture, vintage treasures, and contemporary artwork sets the stage. A vintage Terrance Conran table from New York stands alongside carefully selected artworks by visionaries such as Giampaolo Addari and Troy House, each piece adding depth and intrigue to the space. At the dining area, a Pugliese antique table and chairs, sourced from the local market, infuse a touch of rustic charm.

The interiors effortlessly marry international furnishings with the distinctive architecture of Puglia. Exposed brick arched ceilings, stone floors, and garden vistas from every angle create a backdrop of timeless beauty. Every corner of Tamara’s properties invites a sense of tranquility and connection to the natural surroundings.

Hill’s second home in Palm Springs echoes the same captivating ambiance despite its different architectural style. The focal point of this oasis is a statement pool, transformed into a canvas by the creative genius of psychedelic artist Alex Proba. The kidney-shaped pool bursts with vibrant, abstract colors, infusing the space with energy and playfulness.

Whether in Puglia or Palm Springs, Hill”s designs transcend physical boundaries, creating spaces that resonate with the soul. With her meticulous curation and thoughtful approach, she weaves together art, architecture, and personal expression, leaving a lasting impression on all who enter her spiritual sanctuaries.


– Three spacious bedrooms and two modern bathrooms provide ample space for guests to relax and unwind.

– The property boasts 6.6 acres of stunning olive groves, offering a peaceful and picturesque setting.

– An outdoor dining area and pavilions provide the perfect space for al fresco meals and gatherings.

– The outdoor kitchen BBQ and pizza oven add to the sociable and fun atmosphere, allowing guests to enjoy authentic Italian cuisine.

– All necessary services, modern amenities, and conveniences are provided, including options for private yoga lessons, massage services, a private chef, a pizza chef, and cleaning services.

– Guests can enjoy ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation with yoga and massage services.

– The option of having a private chef and pizza chef allows guests to savor delicious meals prepared just for them.

– Cleaning services ensure a hassle-free stay, allowing guests to enjoy their time at Casa Collina without worrying about tidying up.


More than just a physical space, Casa Collina serves as a living gallery, a carefully curated masterpiece that reflects the owner’s extensive travels, cherished memories, and profound experiences. Each element within its walls tells a unique story, weaving together a tapestry of emotions and sentiments. It serves as a poetic homage to Apulia and the enchanting Itria Valley, capturing the essence and beauty of this captivating region. And that the property’s name matches her own is one of those coincidences many foreign property buyers can appreciate. In one way or another, these properties seem to call their future owners…and is confirmation that the photographer was right!


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