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Jennifer Tattanelli: “Tell Me Your Dreams, and I'll Bring Them to Life”

Once upon a time, in the heart of Florence, lived a little girl named Jennifer.


October, 2023

Once upon a time, in the heart of Florence, lived a little girl named Jennifer.

Jennifer was no ordinary child, for she was the beloved great-granddaughter of the legendary Mark Twain himself. Growing up in the enchanting city, Jennifer’s senses were constantly tickled by the vibrant tapestry of Florentine life that surrounded her.

Every day, as she strolled through the cobblestone streets, Jennifer would catch the intoxicating scent of leather drifting from the nearby workshops. With their skilled hands, the artisans crafted exquisite masterpieces that whispered tales of tradition and craftsmanship.


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But it was in her father’s store in Piazza de’ Pitti where Jennifer’s imagination truly soared. The bustling square was a kaleidoscope of fashion, where elegant men and women paraded in their finest garments. Jennifer would sit on a bench, her eyes wide with wonder, as she watched the lively dance of colors and textures.

The grand piazza became Jennifer’s secret canvas on which she would write her journey. Her passion, curiosity and craftsmanship traveled far and wide.

Today, her gift of turning her customers dreams into fashionable works of art has become the hallmark of her success. And in each piece, a hint of Florence’s magic lingers, forever reminding the world of the little girl who grew up amidst the scent of leather and the splendor of fashion in Florence.


When Jennifer Tattanelli decided to launch her namesake fashion brand, it was more than just a business venture. It was a natural evolution of the family business, a way to add a personal touch and leave her mark. Not to mention, she became the first female in her family to take over the business.

Jennifer Tattanelli’s designs exude a deeply embedded passion and dedication to quality craftsmanship inherent in Florentine culture. Growing up amidst a family deeply rooted in the fashion industry, Tattanelli was exposed to the secrets of old Florentine artisans from an early age. “My father opened his first store in the sixties in Florence; my grandmother was a basket weaver. She taught me all the secrets of old Florentine artisans. I grew up in the store in Piazza Pitti, smelling leather and admiring new creations. I was born to design for everyone. As a child, I was surrounded by fashion, and I often watched my mother create theatrical costumes in America. She is an artist, always getting inspiration from her in NY and the Hamptons. Also, my grandmother June was a pianist. Art was around everywhere!” The fusion of these artistic influences created a unique brand philosophy deeply ingrained in Tattanelli’s work.


At the core of Tattanelli’s brand philosophy is craftsmanship. Her belief in bringing dreams to life through bespoke items is what continues to set her apart from others in the industry. “Bespoke items are pieces of dreams and art,” she said. “My clients should not fit my creations. My creations should fit my clients.” This customer-centric approach creates a unique experience reminiscent of the Florentine atmosphere she sought to also bring to America. Gone are the days of exclusivity and rigid standards; Tattanelli’s brand breaks down barriers and celebrates the unique beauty of every individual. “It’s a very different concept from a normal store,” Tattanelli admits. 

When asked about her wardrobe essentials, Tattanelli highlights her Sophia Bag, designed with an exclusive intricate optical technique, JT sandals, and Alba reversible jacket. These pieces embody the essence of her brand – lightweight, stylish, and versatile. They are the perfect companions for her travels, reflecting her commitment to merging fashion with functionality.

As for the future of the Tattanelli brand, Tattanelli promises exciting developments. Runways and unique collaborations are on the horizon, ensuring that her brand continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences. 

Credits:Photos courtesy of Jennifer Tattanelli


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