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Lorenzo Quinn: The Art of Building Bridges

From Italy to Dubai, London to Mumbai, Athens to Shanghai and Saint Tropez, Quinn's sculptures continue to evoke deep emotions in art enthusiasts and amateurs worldwide, challenging us to acknowledge the power we hold in our hands to build human bridges, not walls.


October, 20243

Lorenzo Quinn with one of his sculptures

Lorenzo Quinn’s monumental sculptures are true marvels of art and engineering that never fail to leave us in awe, compelling us to ponder the vastness of our world. Through their grand proportions, these works of art effectively convey potent messages that Quinn skillfully expresses. As viewers, we have the privilege of experiencing these artworks from various perspectives, whether from a distance or up close, allowing us to delve into our relationship with space, soul, and dimensions… But what is the underlying message?

The Italian visual artist, former actor and son of Academy Award Winning Actor Anthony Quinn and costume designer Iolanda Addolori, was born in Rome on May 7, 1966, and grew up between Italy and the USA.

While Lorenzo’s formative years were undoubtedly shaped by the unyielding spotlight of the film industry and his father’s artistic pursuits beyond the big screen in the realms of painting and sculpting architecture, Lorenzo credits Salvador Dalì as his inspiration for yielding to the art world—initially embarking on a path to become a master of surrealist paint- ing while studying at the esteemed American Academy of Fine Arts in New York.

But after enjoying a brief acting career, including playing alongside his father in Stradivari (1989) and even giving an acclaimed performance as Salvador Dalí, Lorenzo failed to find joy, or rather, a deep calling in the acting profession, admit- ting that he was in it for the wrong—more superficial— reasons, and the wrong reasons are never the right way forward for an artist whose soul delves deeply beyond the surface.

Quinn vividly recalls the moment in 1989 when he felt that he had created his first genuine work of art:

I had sculpted a torso from Michelangelo’s drawing of Adam, an artisan’s job. I had an idea and began chiseling away, and Eve came out of Adam’s body…It had started as a purely academic exercise, yet it had become an artwork.

Recognizing that sculpture would provide a more suitable outlet for his boundless energy and inherent originality, the young artist shifted his focus. His unwavering dedication to his newfound craft soon bore fruit after experiencing a moment of unparalleled artistic transcendence.

Today, Quinn’s work is exhibited internationally, his monumental public art and smaller, more intimate pieces, transmit his passion for eternal values and authentic emotions.


Quinn’s art has long been fascinated by the passage of time. In his fifties, with three children and a rich tapestry of personal experiences, Quinn’s introspective journey reflects a profound understanding of life’s fleeting nature and the importance of cherishing every moment. Growing up with a father who was 51 years his senior, Quinn developed a deep appreciation for the limited time they had together. Awareness of their temporal connection in- stilled in him a driving desire to be fully present in every cherished moment they shared.

Italian American artist Lorenzo Quinn

Furthermore, when Quinn lost his brother at the tender age of 48, this devastating loss served as a poignant reminder of life’s fragility, amplifying his awareness of time’s ethereal nature. Through this lens, Quinn began to comprehend the actual value of time and the significance of appreciating the present, seizing every opportunity and living life to the fullest. Now, Quinn finds himself in what he describes as the “middle of his voyage of life,” contemplating the temporal nature of existence.

Lorenzo Quinn's art installation in Egypt

Each day, he strives to extract bound- less joy and fulfillment from the fleeting moments, recognizing the preciousness of time’s embrace.

I try as much as possible to follow my dreams and live each day to the fullest, taking advantage of every moment I can


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Lorenzo Quinn Photographed by Enrico Amici


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