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Ronn Moss: The Other Side of Me

From Stage to Screen and Back Again: Inside the singer-turned-actor’s full-circle journey from music to music and his tribute to Italy.


July, 2023

Ronn Moss Italia

On March 4th, at precisely 9:42 AM, a new star was born in Hollywood, California, heralding the beginning of a new icon. It was 1952, and California was a land of endless possibilities and golden dreams. The state was still amid a post-war boom, a time of rapid growth and progress. The air was thick with the scent of orange groves, eucalyptus trees, and possibility, and the sound of surf crashing against the shore was a constant background hum. The movie industry was in full swing, and Hollywood was a glittering beacon of glamour and celebrity. It was a time of great optimism and enthusiasm, and people were eager to make their mark on the world. The future seemed bright and full of promise, and with an Impresario father and Horse Riding Trainer to the stars as a mother, Ronn Moss’s family was at the forefront of it all.


“I got to see true artists up close and personal. It was very special being raised around those artists.” With such iconic influences in his life, one would think Ronn would have wanted to be in show business too. Instead, the then-shy young boy had other plans. “I have wanted to be a surgeon since I was five.” It wasn’t until he saw the Beatles playing on television at eleven years old that the music seed was planted. “I wanted to be Ringo,” Ronn said with a nostalgic smile. “I taught myself to play guitar, bass, and drums after seeing that performance.” By the time Ronn was fourteen, he was already playing in clubs with his teenage band.

Though he loved music, he convinced himself that medicine was the more “sound” career choice. He continued on the academia route until one day, while in pre-med dissecting cadavers, he realized that becoming a surgeon wasn’t the right path. “I would have made a kick-ass doctor, but it all came down to one day. I had to choose between medicine or music. I looked at the doctors I knew, and you know what? Eight out of ten of them were stressed or depressed, I didn’t want to live that kind of life.


Ronn Moss Player Billboard collage

It’s 1976, and Ronn joins forces with Peter Beckett, J.C Crowley, and John Friesen to create the band Player. Ronn’s wildest dreams come true as he becomes the Ringo of the group, playing bass and singing his heart out. And boy, did they hit it big – their single Baby Come Back soared to the top of the Billboard Hot 100, staying there for two weeks straight. When asked about what this accomplishment meant to him, Ronn simply stated that music was his freedom. They wrote and practiced in a garage in the Hollywood Hills, catching the eye of music mogul Robert Stigwood, who signed them to his RSO Records. The following year was a whirlwind of success, with Baby Come Back taking over the national pop charts and Player being named to the Billboard magazine honor roll of Top New Singles Artist of 1978. Their hit This Time I’m in It for Love also made it to the top ten.


Nicola Carraro gave me the opportunity to experience Italy for the first time.

It’s amazing how life can take us down unexpected paths. For Ronn Moss, acting wasn’t even on his radar until a chance suggestion from his producer. “My producer at the time, Robert Stigwood, would always say, ‘With that face, you could also be an actor.’” Stigwood was also the producer of the Bee Gees and the man responsible for John Travolta’s career with Saturday Night Fever. It wasn’t until a film opportunity in Italy presented itself that Ronn truly considered acting an option.

Ronn Moss portrait artwork

Many don’t know that Ronn’s acting career didn’t begin in Hollywood but between Sicily and Rome with the film I Paladini. Italian Film Producer Nicola Carraro flew to L.A. to cast and convince Ronn to take the role of Ruggero d’Altavilla. “The Saracen King,” Ronn says with a chuckle. It’s almost as though he had some kind of past life experience with royalty, as he felt a deep familiarity with the role. “I don’t know if it’s just a feeling, but there is something definitely in my past that I’ve experienced royalty before. I’m not going to say I was a king, The King, or Cleopatra, I don’t know what the hell I was, but I know I felt something very familiar. Nicola opened up my first love of being in Italy. So I will credit Nicola always for giving me that opportunity.”

But Ronn’s journey was just getting started. He auditioned for and landed the coveted role of Ridge Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful, a show that spanned 130 countries and garnered an estimated 300 million daily views. Despite his success in acting, Ronn never abandoned his first love: Music.

I wanted to make music. Even during my 25 years on The Bold and the Beautiful, I never abandoned it. It was just a hidden side of me.


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When we first started dating, a girlfriend of mine called me up and said, ‘Oh my God, you’re dating Ridge Forrester?!’ And I responded, ‘No. I’m dating Ronn Moss — and Ronn is so much cooler.

– Devin Devasquez

Ronn Moss in Italy
Ronn Moss and his wife Devin Devasquez in Rome

Devin DeVasquez knows “cool” when she sees it. The 5-time Emmy-award-winning producer, author, actress, and ex-playboy playmate shares this story over an aperitif of pink champagne overlooking St. Peter’s Square for a reason: that there’s another side to her iconic soap star husband of more than twenty years — a cool and musical one — that existed before The Bold and the Beautiful and that is re-awakening after it, in Italy.

American musician with a guitar

When a massive star reaches the end of its life cycle, it explodes in a brilliant burst of light and energy. The newborn star then shines with a dazzling intensity, marking the beginning of a journey that would shape its very fabric.

Now, imagine that same explosion happening in someone’s life. For Ronn, it came in the form of a car accident in 2012. The accident caused significant damage, leaving the musician/actor without feeling in his left arm and fearing he’d never be able to play guitar again. It was a dark time, but he refused to let the darkness overcome him. Instead, he used the experience as a catalyst for change, deciding to leave behind what no longer served him — including his role on The Bold and the Beautiful and to return to his first true love: music.

A digital artwork of actor Ronn Moss

In the stillness of Ronn’s dressing room, on a Tuesday — the day of his final performance — something inexplicable occurred. The clock stopped at 09:42 AM as if beckoning Ronn towards his destiny. A rebirth was imminent, and Ronn could feel the universe conspiring in his favor. As he stepped into the unknown, leaving the show behind, he was consumed by an insatiable hunger to create music — a passion that pulsed through his veins like a life-giving elixir. It was a feeling that defied description, yet he cherished it deeply. Now, the world lay open before him, brimming with infinite possibilities. Just like a newborn star emerging from the ashes, Ronn is shining with a dazzling intensity, ready to take on whatever comes his way.

Lots of interesting synchronization to ronn’s life; he was obviously meant to be a star.

– Devin Devasquez

Ronn Moss among his vineyards in puglia

Ronn Moss Wine was born in 2019 out of a shared passion for Puglia and Puglia’s wines between three friends: Ronn Moss, Donato Pistola and Tiziano Cavaliere.

Four wines produced by the label in the land of thriving vineyards, seas and fertile soils and around 300 days of sun a year, include: Primitivo di Manduria DOC Riserva, Susumaniello Rosato IGP Puglia, Verdeca IGP Puglia, and Primitivo di Manduria PGI Puglia.


As a world traveler, Moss has been to many countries, but none have compared to the strength, mystery, and love he’s found in Italy. The Adriatic Sea, with its perfect climate, reminds him of his beloved Los Angeles, and he has fallen in love with the wine and food in this wonderful country.

Ronn Moss album cover

But it’s not just the physical aspects of Italy that have captivated Moss. Italy has also breathed new life into his music. Moss’s latest album, Surprise Trip Love, produced by Tiziano Cavaliere and Pino Di Pietro for Bros Group Italia, is a tribute to the country that has given him so much.

This album is a reflection of Moss’s love for Italy, and it’s clear that this country has become a source of inspiration for him. Italy’s rich culture, history, and art have infused Moss’s music with new energy and passion, and it’s clear that he has found a new home in this beautiful country.

Tiziano Cavaliere, the Artistic Director and Film/Music Producer at Bros Group Italia is on a mission to let the world know that Ronn Moss is so much more than just Ridge from The Bold and the Beautiful. He wants to showcase the undiscovered talents of this multifaceted artist and prove that he has a soulful voice that deserves recognition.

Ronn is a gifted musician with a lot to offer. It’s time to unveil the true Ronn Moss to the world.

– Tiziano Cavaliere, Producer,

Artistic Director, BROS GROUP ITALIA


Get ready to be swept off your feet with Ronn Moss’ latest album, Surprise Trip Love inspired by his recent film, Surprise Trip, where he composed the soundtrack. This album is a perfect presentation of Ronn’s creative prowess. Directed by the talented Roberto Baeli and featuring the legendary Lino Banfi in the cast, the film was shot in the bustling streets of New York and the scenic landscapes of Puglia.


Ronn Moss, Stefano Paviani

I can’t try just a little

I can’t cry just a little

Nothing hurts, just a little

Everything cuts too deeply

GIOVANNA: Talk about the spirit of the album.

RONN: The album was born in Italy. Many of the songs were written and recorded in Milan and Puglia. Half of the album was written for my film Surprise Trip, and the other half was born from my inspiration of being in Italy. The album also features the Italian classic Io Che Amo Solo Te by Sergio Endrigo. I fell in love with it: The tune, the lyrics, really grabbed, and it was the first song I learned in Italian. It’s very special for me. It is a tribute to Italy. On the other side of the spectrum is Vado a vivere in Puglia, a fun and lively reggae postcard to Puglia — a region I have fallen in love with.


Ronn Moss

“Follow your heartIt’s always rightIt’s always trueFollow the art of being youDon’t be afraid to go out on a limbThat’s where the sweetest fruit must grow”

GIOVANNA: Your album is also honest — and has a mystical vibe.

RONN: I tried to be as honest as I could. I didn’t have any throwaway songs. Every song has a meaning and purpose behind it. I’m very proud of it. I can still listen to it and go wow, I don’t believe that happened. Where did that come from? Some of it did come from some God place. Some of them came from a dream — I woke up in the morning with a song. Follow your heart. This also came to me in a dream. For me, it’s the most honest musical collection I’ve ever done.

Ronn Moss in Rome


Ronn Moss

“I don’t want to go to heavenNone of my friends are there”

GIOVANNA: Does the construct of heaven and hell exist for you?

RONN: I think years ago it didn’t. Now with what I know, with the evil in our world, yes.

GIOVANNA: In the song, you say, “I’ve seen the dark side of the day” —

RONN: We have all experienced the dark side of the day. We have all had dark influences in our experience here on Earth. That’s one of the reasons we’re here — to go through the good and the bad. I’ve been through my share of the bad as well that have been very dark to me, and I don’t think anyone escapes that. But I was reflecting that I’ve seen a lot of dark days and dark sides.

GIOVANNA: And yet your spirit is so positive —

RONN: I have cultivated the more positive side to compensate for those dark days, and I think you have to be positive to combat the negative — that’s the only thing that will get us through.


Sergio Endrigo

“C’è gente che ama mille coseE si perde per le strade del mondo”

“There are people who love thousands of thingsAnd get lost on the streets of the world”

GIOVANNA: Something comes over you when you sing in Italian, mainly Io Che Amo Solo Te —

RONN: The songs that I have chosen have really touched me. The melody touches me. With Io Che Amo Solo Te, it’s sometimes hard for me to get through the song. How it was written, and what he was saying. Maybe I’m just channeling the author of the song and the original feeling of the song. But it’s interesting to sing in Italian.

Ronn Moss posing in front of a gramophone

GIOVANNA: Your singing in Italian is more advanced than your spoken Italian — How do you explain this?

RONN: It’s a strange thing that’s happening. I haven’t mastered the Italian language yet, but I can sing in it better than I can speak in it. I don’t know why. Probably because I can read Italian and I can speak it if I can read it but being able to sing in Italian for me is not only something I never expected to do, it’s something that really appeals to me now.

GIOVANNA: Are there any Italians who have taught you a lesson or impacted your life somehow?

RONN: I always get emotional with Raffaella Carrà. She always strikes a nerve with me. She was so lovely to me. She was one of the first people I met after starting The Bold and the Beautiful. I just had a really warm, instant feeling. Very personable. No bullshit. Just down-to-earth and wonderful human being.


Ronn Moss

“Rumi says close your eyesFall in loveAnd stay there”

GIOVANNA: What is the message you want to send out with SURPRISE TRIP LOVE?

RONN: Just a message of positivity. A message of keeping your faith. Don’t let the darkness overcome you. And Io Che Amo Solo Te is my first little gift to Italy. I did my best to do my version of a song that I know Italians love very much and that I love very much now too. I just feel a little sad that many Italians won’t be able to understand my English lyrics because I made them really special this time. More special than ever before. You can’t just Google translate and get the feeling for my lyrics. With this album, I want to send a message of positivity and hope so that the world can be happy again.

The world is Ronn’s oyster, and we can only wait to see what other pearls it has in store for the 71-year-old star who broke and continues to break boundaries in his professional and creative endeavors.

Ronn Moss and Giovanna G. Bonomo after interview in Italy
From right to left: Devin DeVasquez and Mr.Prince @mrprince19999, Ronn Moss, and Giovanna G. Bonomo TERRAZZE LES ETOILES, ROME


Photography by Alessandro Camponeschi, Bram Heimens

Artwork by Gianluca Migliorino, Giuseppe Lepore, Samar Younes


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