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The New Era: Anticipating and Interpreting Beauty

Anticipating and interpreting beauty


April, 2023

A few weeks after Milan Fashion Week, and we have noticed the undeniable success of the beauty presented and its enhanced ambition to transmit a message of diversity. In this respect, we can appreciate and admire all who can reinterpret beauty authentically, who are optimistic and ready to face pressing times with a confident stride.


Style has become personalized. None is objectively better, desirable, superior, or more excellent than any other. While this may seem like a flattening of beauty, it enhances its expression. We are all different or similar in age, gender, physicality and ability, but our true value lies in what makes us unique, and part of that means being free to choose a style that represents us.

Timeless style icon Audrey Hepburn once said, “The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode, but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul.” For PRIVĒ, tapping into the soul is a mission and an opportunity to explore new trends and embrace change while celebrating and elevating beauty. This force reminds us to be creative by studying exclusive protocols based on hair type, face shape, and skin color. Every line, curve, and color must be mastered. Like the great stylists, whether it’s a pantsuit that fits perfectly, a soft leather bag, or a new haircut that revitalizes your look, you must research and create sketches, going to the depths of creativity.

For a long time, one of the goals of fashion has been to make it clear that diversity sends an important message: Two completely identical identities cannot achieve the same goal. The secret is choosing something that speaks to you and has always meant something to you. Why? Because the perfect look makes you feel good; it does not seek approval, but it is what represents you best.

At every stage of change, fashion has always led us by the hand towards a more inclusive, sustainable, transparent, and minimalist world, where society is more tolerant and open to what is different by putting ourselves on the line and being open to the unexpected. This pursuit of the unexpected has been the heart of our development. Every small step in the right direction coincides with the desire to do and create. Changing our hair color or how we choose to wear it allows us to admire our physical features much more: We are now much more interested in being charming or different, which often comes from embracing our flaws and differences, rather than changing ourselves to please or imitate others.


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