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Welcome to a rare and wonderful journey through the essence of La Dolce Vita in this special Digital Edition of Lost and Found Italy magazine. We have delved deep into the heart of this enigmatic term, unravelling its significance both past and present. Through captivating narratives, stories, and exclusive interviews, we illuminate the allure of this popular concept as experienced by iconic figures such as Salvatore Calabrese (The Maestro) inventor of the iconic Breakfast Martini and Guinness World-breaking Mixologist,  Gianni Russo (Carlo Rizzi in The Godfather), whose stories blur the boundaries between reality and fantasy.  I also sat down with the legendary Rino Barillari, Fellini's "King of Paparazzi" at Harry's Bar in Via Veneto where he illuminated me on the Golden Age and his relationship with Federico Fellini. Thanks to Rino, this issue is not a magazine, but an art exhibition of some of his most iconic photographs of the Dolce Vita era. 

Lost & Found Italy Magazine, Digital Issue 5

  • Please note: Due to the nature of digital downloads, refunds are not possible. All sales are final. Once the files are downloaded, they cannot be returned.

  • Publisher: Over-Key Media content & Communication inc.

    Language: English

    Number of Pages: 100

    PDF version

    ISSN: 977 2818 252001 05


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