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Hotel La Perla

Nestled within the majestic embrace of a Tyrolean-style Mountain Manor liesa treasure trove of Ladin culture and tradition, waiting to be explored and cherished.


June, 2024

A return to what matters: Where welcome and hospitality intertwine, beckoning travellers to indulge in simple pleasures and embark on ambitious journeys of the body and soul. Welcome to our House, a sanctuary where the essence of a great extended family thrives, dedicated to infusing vitality and purpose into every moment.

Here, cherished values and boundless know-how converge to create a space where virtues are shared on equal ground. As the words of a mystical Persian poet echo through time, inviting you to travel as you are and discover the treasures that lie within, let our House be your gateway to unlocking the golden essence of the land and beyond. Travel as you are and take on the journey which is within you, And the gold of the land shall be yours.

Hotel La Perla stands as a prime exemplar of a magnificent Mountain Manor in Tyrolean style, steeped in rich Ladin culture and tradition. Its fifty-one rooms and suites are meticulously designed in three distinct styles, featuring gentle hues and plush furnishings that capture the essence of South Tyrol.

Amidst a verdant garden adorned with tree-lined paths and a charming tree house, the property also boasts a solarium adjacent to a bountiful vegetable garden. Up on the first floor, a lush green panoramic terrace offers guests a serene sanctuary to unwind, savouring moments of repose and indulgence in contemporary luxury.

Located in the breathtaking mountain landscape of Corvara, the Costa family's hotel, La Perla, epitomizes hospitality with a touch of comfort, award-winning cuisine, and rich Ladin culture. Founded by Ernesto Costa in 1956, the hotel's name was serendipitously discovered in a telephone book, symbolizing its essence as a hidden gem. Located near the majestic Dolomites, La Perla boasts a prime position in the heart of the village, steeped in Ladin heritage. With two generations now at the helm, the Costa family continues to honour tradition, extending a warm familial welcome and culinary delights that define their exceptional brand of hospitality.

The rooms

Once upon a time where reality and fantasy meet for a happy ending you’ve always dreamed of.

Each room is a haven of peace and quiet. Some boast views of the Dolomites, while others are bathed in plenty of natural light. Some of the pieces of furniture are unique pieces belonging to the Costa family: from a beer mug collection, pottery teacups, headboards, through to a typewriter collection, paintings, clocks, vases, to sculptures all meticulously looked after by Anni Costa and excellently preserved over the centuries.

The Salus per aquam spa Dedicated  to Wellness

The Salus per aquam spa, with its soothing waters, is the crowning jewel of the wellness sanctuary. Offering a diverse array of rejuvenating treatments, saunas, Turkish baths, Kneipp therapies, hydro massage, and a serene swimming pool, it is a haven for relaxation and revitalization.

La Perla's team of health and beauty experts stand ready to guide you on a transformative journey, drawing from the riches of local cosmetics, natural products, and mountain spa therapies to promote regeneration and well-being.

The Wine Cellar

Mahatma Wine

More than thirty thousand bottles originating from Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and, naturally, France our award-winning wine cellar, voted Best Wine Cellar in Italy 2024 by Forbes Espresso guide.

In today's fast changing world, where there is much uncertainty and not little consternation, it is comforting to have reference points which tell us of the past and promise good for the future. Mahatma Wine is our much-loved wine cellar and the centre-piece in this labyrinth of surprises not only associated with the world of wine, but of music, sound, senses, feelings. The patrimony of more than thirty thousand bottles originate from Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and naturally enough France. Stepping into Mahatma Wine is a special and memorable experience.

In many ways it reflects the story of the Costa family for it is all about passion, culture, commitment. It is also all about Sassicaia - in these cellars there is a collection which proves to us why in ancient times it was referred to as the nectar of the Gods. As for the total stock of the cellars there are more than 3,000 labels and 30,000 bottles, of which approximately 50% are wines from South Tyrol.

Four Restaurants & Michelin Star Gourmet Chamber

La Perla Corva is home to four unique restaurants, each with its own unique look, feel, and cuisine: Le Stües, La Stüa de Michil, Bistrot La Perla, Restaurant Ladinia.


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Le Stües:  The wood-panelled rooms and the choice of color create a wonderfully relaxing ambience where time is no longer of the essence but pleasure and indulgence are certainly encouraged. A refined yet friendly service adds to the occasion and the cuisine itself is a treat for the palate. Simple and traditional Tyrolean dishes offer distinctive and memorable flavours.

La Stüa de Michil: Our Michelin star gourmet chamber, La Stüa de Michil, is a celebration of art and life. One could imagine dining in a 1700-setting, such is the splendid ambience afforded by the two Stuben of that time. Chef Simone Cantafio’s cuisine is all about creativity, in his tireless quest to create exceptional pleasures of the palate for our guests. The seasons and the elements are an integral and essential part of the menu choice and each dish is prepared to magnificent perfection and served in three acts.

Bistrot La Perla: The bistro area has thirteen tables ideal for guests looking for a snack, a quick lunch, a moment to relax over an aperitif, or simply some time to indulge and to enjoy an afternoon tea with a pastry selection. ‘Bistro’ is an Italian word and we do our best to promote all that is good and genuine of the country, as for example the Norcia salami, the ‘Gianni d’Amato’ spaghetti, or the famous steak from Florence.

Restaurant Ladinia: Ladinia, a charming alpine restaurant in the historic village center near L’Murin, offers breathtaking views of Mount Sassongher. Rich in history, the restaurant’s interior exudes a sense of nostalgia, providing a welcoming escape for both body and mind. With a focus on Alpine cuisine and local traditions, Ladinia’s menu showcases the finest regional produce. The wine list shines with eco-friendly wines from small, distinctive cellars in South Tyrol, adding to the restaurant’s allure as a delightful retreat for indulging in simple pleasures.




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